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Leo’s, Altoona (1973--unknown); Christ the King and St. Agnes, Beaverdale (1972-95); retired in 1995.• Findings: Engaged in sexual abuse of a boy, 10 or 11 years old, between 19; matter was reported to state police; placed on sick leave by Bishop James Hogan and returned to active ministry a year later; accused of groping a 15-year-old boy in 1971 and of getting another boy drunk and raping him between 19, then raping him numerous times in the rectory of St. Clement, Johnstown, and assistant principal at Bishop Mc Cort High School (1977-78); principal at Bishop Mc Cort (1978-84); SS. Mary Immaculate Conception, Altoona (1986-87); Most Holy Redeemer, Revloc (1987-88); SS. • Findings: A 2002 report to Bishop Adamec accused Cingle of groping an altar boy from our Lady of Victory Church, State College, in 1979; Cingle appeared before the grand jury on Sept. “There is no record Adamec reported this matter to authorities or attempted to identify the other priest,” the report said. Mario Fabbri• Born: May 19, 1902• Died: unknown• Assignments: Teacher in San Francisco (1931-32); seminary teacher, Richwood, California (1932-34); teacher in Tampa, Florida (1934-35); Italy (1936-48); St.

Michael’s (2010-present).• Findings: Woman in 2003 reported that Bodziak “repeatedly engaged in sexual intercourse with her” in 1971 when she was 16 and living in foster care in Lock Haven. Patrick’s, Johnstown (1958-62 – also part-time instructor at Johnstown High School); Immaculate Conception, Lock Haven (1962-64); Most Holy Trinity, Huntingdon (1964); St. Joseph’s, Portage (1965-66); Most Precious Blood, Emeigh, and Holy Incarnate, Marsteller (1966-69); sick leave (1969-70); St. Edward’s, Barnesboro (1971); Corpus Christi, Dunlo (1971-72); St. Andrew’s, Johns-town (1964-65); Sacred Heart, Altoona (1965-67); St. Dan O’Neil testified before the grand jury and said “it was common knowledge that Carroll was molesting children,” the report said, and that Carroll had a “proclivity for sex with minors.”Rev. 14, 1947• Status: Suspended.• Assignments: Our Mother of Sorrows, Johnstown (1973-78); Our Lady of Victory, State College (1978-81); Holy Name, Ebensburg (1981-86); St. Matthew, Tyrone (1993-95); Visitation of the Blessed Virgin, Johnstown (1995-2000); St. Francis of Assisi, Johnstown (2000-2015); removed to from ministry due to investigation in October 2015. Kateri Tekak, Penns Valley (1987-2002); therapist evaluation and medical retirement, 2002.• Findings: Sodomization of a boy at Verona Feathers of Mount Claire, New Jersey, reported in a letter to Bishop Adamec in 2002; victim said Crouse would give him alcohol, and one time a second priest also molested him. Luke’s Institute (2003).• Findings: Arrested for indecent exposure in 1973 in Altoona; subject of federal child pornography investigation in 2003, admitted to FBI agents that he was “fascinated with male genitalia”; served 15 months in federal prison. Joseph Gaborek• Born: June 30, 1945• Status: Dismissed from priesthood• Assignments: St. 10, 2015, and pleaded the Fifth Amendment when asked why a boy would lie about alleged abuse.

Jerome Pacella, who told him to “pray and go be a good monk, and not think of it again.”Rev. Arseneault• Born: March 31, 1945• Status: Pastor, Most Holy Trinity Church, Huntingdon.• Assignments: St. ”; victim reported to diocese in 2005; diocese responded by hiring detectives to investigate the victim, report says, but did not take the matter to police; among those interviewed about the boy and his family was the Rev. “Neither Hogan or Adamec ever reported Coleman’s conduct to law enforcement,” the report says. Edward Figurelle• Born: March 29, 1933• Died: July 16, 2008• Assignments: St.

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Summaries of the individuals listed by the Pennsylvania Office of attorney General in its report March 1, based on the findings of the 37th Statewide Investigating Grand Jury (editor’s warning: includes many graphic details of a sexual nature): Msgr. Jude, Bakerton (1996-2000); unknown (2000-05); Most Holy Trinity (2005-present).• Findings: While at St. Columba’s, Johns-town (1958); Cathedral of Blessed Sacrament, Altoona (1958-62); St. Joseph’s, Renovo (1962-68); Immaculate Conception, Dudley (1968-92); retired in 1992.• Findings: Labeled a “serial child predator” by the grand jury; close to a group of boys 8 to 13 known as “Benderites”; would take boys to camps and cabins, and instructed them to “sleep without underwear”; “The boys were sexually abused almost constantly at any location at which Bender could have access to a child,” the report says; accused of crimes in the 1970s in an anonymous letter in 1991 to Bishop Joseph Adamec; writer said: “I would estimate that I was abused approximately 100 times.”Rev.

Joseph’s, Renovo (1981-84); Most Holy Trinity, Huntingdon (1984-94); Penn State Catholic Community (1994-96); Holy Cross, Spangler, and St. William Rosensteel, also accused of child sexual abuse in this report. Mary Immaculate Conception and Bishop Guilfoyle High School, Altoona (1963-69); St.

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