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Editing an existing retention schedule or creating a new series-specific retention schedule can be accomplished with the assistance of a records analyst employed at the State Archives.

It is a good idea to contact a records analyst early in the process of updating your schedules in order to receive guidance and avoid wasted effort.

Retention Schedules for Kentucky State Agencies are approved and updated as necessary by the State Archives and Records Commission.

These Schedules have been incorporated into the Administrative Regulation 725 KAR 1, All of Kentucky’s state government personnel should use the General Schedule for State Agencies.

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The retention periods given in the RRS are required minimums.

The commission also recommends them as appropriate maximum retention periods.

Examples of these types of records are system documentation, network logs or backup tapes.The Official Records Retention Schedule is intended to be available for use by University departments to assist departments in meeting record retention guidelines.These retention schedules are designed to assure that Official Records will be preserved appropriately while providing economy and efficiency in the creation, organization, maintenance, use, and disposition of records.Most state agency personnel will also use a Retention Schedule specific to their agency.This agency-specific schedule covers records that are not on the General Schedule for State Agencies or records that agencies must keep for a longer period of time than required on the General Schedule.[Includes Office of Administrative Services; Commonwealth Office of Technology; Office of the Controller; Department of Facilities and Support Services; Division of Fleet Management; Office of General Counsel] Health and Family Services, Cabinet for [Includes Office of the Secretary; Office of Administration and Technology Services; Cancer Commission; Office of Communications and Administrative Review; Office of Legal Services; Social Insurance; Social Services] Justice and Public Safety Cabinet [Includes Grants Management Branch; Office of Investigations; Office of the Secretary; General Counsel; Office of Legal Services; Office of the State Medical Examiner] University Model, State [The State University Model Records Retention Schedule applies to Kentucky's public universities and to KCTCS institutions.