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in Motion Dating is an independently owned Online Dating Magazine with the vision of becoming the ultimate online dating resource on the web.We are committed to bringing you the highest quality dating articles, relationship advice, news, guides, reviews of online dating sites, videos and much more…In the context of 400 years trade (diplomatic) relations between the Netherlands and Turkey, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen and İstanbul Museum of Modern Art are exchanging a selection from the Collections.On 10 March, the exhibition ‘İstanbul Modern’ will open in Rotterdam and on 16 February, the exhibition ‘La La La Human Steps’ opened in Istanbul.The ten-part stained glass series that can be seen during the exhibition features figures from the film The Lord of the Rings.Normally speaking, the colours in a stained glass window glow because natural light (sunlight) shines through it, but for this work, the windows are placed in a darkened room.I’m not trying to be encyclopaedic, but I wouldn’t like to finish an article written in 2016 with twenty-year old references.So I’ve decided to look at the present (or near past) and I fancy highlighting some artists’ whose body movements are very musical indeed. Although I’ve got to say that the current artists that has realised the most the fascinating and magnetic power of his body in movement is, without a doubt, Stromae.

Work is on show by artists such as İnci Eviner, Taner Ceylan and Sarkis.

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