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Home record: 50-19Skinny: From those brilliant-red tailgating Cockaboose cars off in the distance to the diehards inside Williams-Brice, South Carolina’s fans get major points and a spot in the Top 25 for their fierce loyalty to a program that hasn’t had great success throughout the decades.

Home record: 49-14Skinny: If celebrity fans counted extra, USC would be way higher on our list, but they don’t.

And there is no better collection of home stadiums than in the nation's best conference, so keep in mind that ranking this league's stadiums functions like recruiting rankings.

Meaning, Arkansas may be seventh in the SEC but top 20 nationally.

The most-watched college football game in 2016 had a live audience of 17.12 million viewers, setting both television and streaming records in the process! Well, in 2012, a bunch of University of Notre Dame fans travelled to Ireland for a football game. A Roman Army's worth of people journeyed across the Atlantic to watch people toss an egg-shaped piece of inflated leather around a rather grassy patch of open space. In 2016: Total FSU Football Attendance was 460,801, averaging 76,800 supporters each week.

College basketball games, for example, average 1.47 million viewers for their weekend telecasts. These numbers should give you a good idea just how freaking passionate college sports fans can be. So much so, in fact, that one passionate young Michigan couple [named their new born son after head coach, Jim Harbaugh]( What's more, Harbaugh has coached the Wolverines for just three years and hasn't won any titles. Wolverines fans, as you can tell, are a tad die-hard! No matter what code, FSU always has a strong following of their devoted fans draped in the school's red and yellow.

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Les Miles has three perfect home seasons and is 50-7 in Death Valley overall during his eight seasons as head coach.So here is our updated, annual edition of the Top 25 fan bases in college football, an inexact science of a countdown admittedly subject to plenty of arguments, questions and criticism.It’s one person’s eye test that comes from roughly 35 years of following the sport.There are a variety of ways to evaluate the greatness of a stadium.Huge attendance numbers, home-field advantage in the win-loss column, ear-piercing decibels, rich traditions, picturesque landscapes and amenities are just a few of the aspects that must be considered to rank so many great college football cathedrals.