Dating yamaha guitars serial number dating during separation in nc

I was so impressed with the performance, and Mr Rubes, that I asked for a Espana guitar for my 10th birthday. I still play that guitar, almost everyday, 35 years later. The address given on the label inside the guitar is: Espana Guitars 5 Union Square New York 3, NY "3" seems like a very short Zip code.I have not been able to determine what became of the Espana company nor when they stopped producing guitars. Jan Thank you for confirming what i knew instantly as well.The number written on it cannot be found on Yamaha website. If it were a fake, there would be other signs (inferior craftsmanship).

They were carried by Canada's largest (and now defuct) department store Eaton's.I bought a new Yamaha Guitar and When you look inside the guitar hole it looks like the model number is written by hand.Can you please tell me if this one is a fake one or not? I once had a Hand-made Yamaha Classical Guitar with the number hand-written (next to a signature).The only GX guitar I know of from Yamaha is the GX-1 which is a headless electric model and therefore not what you have.I'm not aware of any othe I think the model is "FX 3000".